According to a Cost of Wedding Internet site, the average cost of an American wedding is $26,800.

If you are wondering why I am blogging about this, it is because I am getting married in October 2006. I cannot believe all of the planning and $$ COSTS $$ that go into a wedding. I mean, don't get me wrong, it will all be worth it in the end, but a strict budget is definitely needed when getting married. My fiance' and I use www.theknot.com, which by the way is a great site for couples preparing to be married. It has everything you need to plan a wedding including an editable guest list, and budget (I'll be honest - the budget is the only thing I look at).

We are getting married back in our hometown of Endicott, NY. On average, couples will spend $23,048.00 for their wedding in Endicott. This does not include cost for a honeymoon, engagement ring, bridal consultant or wedding planner. Add that in and cost could reach $30,559.00. Below is a cost breakdown by wedding category. The items listed below the category are included in the cost.

Category Average Cost:

Wedding Attire $1,583.00
-Bride Accessories
-Groom Accessories
-Groom Tux
-Groom Suit
-Wedding Veil
-Wedding Dress

Wedding Ceremony $2,010.00
-Marriage License
-Ceremony Accessories
-Ceremony Location
-Ceremony Site Decorations
-Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Favors & Gifts $950.00
-Attendant Gifts
-Parent Gifts
-Wedding Favors

Wedding Flowers $977.00
-Bride Bouquet
-Bridesmaid Bouquets
-Flower Girl Flowers
-Wedding Flowers

Wedding Jewelry $1,496.00
-His Ring
-Her Ring

Wedding Music $793.00
-Reception Band
-Disc Jockey

Wedding Photography & Video $2,286.00

Wedding Reception $11,775.00
-Bride & Groom Hotel
-Food Service
-Wedding Cake

Wedding Stationery $696.00
-Wedding Invitations & Reply Cards
-Save The Date Cards
-Bridal Shower Invitations

Wedding Transportation $484.00
-Limo Service
-Car Rental

Wedding Other $7,511.00
-Engagement Ring
-Bridal Consultant
-Wedding Planner

Pretty crazy isn't it?! And this is only the AVERAGE, so apparently there are many weddings that are costing more than this. We have a pretty specific budget for ours - hopefully we will stick to it!

Wish us luck!


Blogger freedumb said...

Wowzers! Good luck! I'd just put a lump sum in a "wedding account" so you can get over the loss of that money since it'll be in its own dedicated account. I dunno...I'm not married so...

6:13 PM  
Blogger Fanuch said...

I completely agree about the "dedicated account." Our goal is to get through this without ANY debt! I'll let you know how it works out!

6:15 PM  
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Go for broke getting married Good luck

10:30 PM  

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